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Directeur de publicité digital : Guillaume Vorburger (8562). Physics Becquerel, Henri France discovery of spontaneous radioactivity Curie, Marie France investigations of radiation phenomena discovered by Becquerel Curie, Pierre France investigations of radiation phenomena discovered by Becquerel physiology/medicine Finsen, Niels Ryberg Denmark treatment of skin diseases with light 1904 chemistry Ramsay, Sir William.K. Mechanistic studies of DNA repair Sancar, Aziz Turkey/U.S. Development of techniques for the analysis of time series data literature Coetzee,.M. Work with mass spectrograph; whole-number rule literature Benavente y Martnez, Jacinto Spain dramatist peace Nansen, Fridtjof Norway physics Bohr, Niels Denmark investigation of atomic structure and radiation physiology/medicine Hill,.V. Discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity Hoffmann, Jules. Contributions to understanding the evolution and devolution of stars Fowler, William. Research on structural and functional organization of cells Duve, Christian René de Belgium research on structural and functional organization of cells Palade, George. Physics Friedman, Jerome Isaac.S. Work on theory of thermodynamics of irreversible processes literature Kawabata Yasunari Japan novelist peace Cassin, René France physics Alvarez, Luis. Development of neutron-scattering techniques physiology/medicine Gilman, Alfred.

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Contributions to the theory of optimum allocation of resources literature Montale, Eugenio Italy poet peace Sakharov, Andrey Dmitriyevich.S.S.R. Contributions to theory of incentives under conditions of asymmetric information Vickrey, William.S. Work in determining actual three-dimensional shape of molecules Hassel, Odd Norway work in determining actual three-dimensional shape of molecules economics Frisch, Ragnar Norway work in econometrics Tinbergen, Jan Netherlands work in econometrics literature Beckett, Samuel Ireland novelist, dramatist peace International Labour Organisation. Discovery of coenzyme Acitric acid cycle in metabolism of carbohydrates Lipmann, Fritz Albert.S. Method of making visible the paths of electrically charged particles physiology/medicine Wagner-Jauregg, Julius Austria work on malaria inoculation in dementia paralytica 1928 chemistry Windaus, Adolf Germany constitution of sterols and their connection with vitamins literature Undset, Sigrid Norway novelist physics Richardson, Sir Owen Willans.K. Research and discoveries concerning viruses and viral diseases Hershey,.D. Discoveries about chemical and physiological visual processes in the eye 1968 chemistry Onsager, Lars.S.